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Spot Yuit's work in the wild.

There is a welcome trend in modern American business to focus on both making a profit and on making our world better. This is often referred to as being a good corporate citizen. It’s also very good business, and some of our nation’s largest corporations are routinely ranked among the world’s most ethical companies. 3M, with $35 billion in annual revenues, has been listed a most ethical company 10 years

Every year, the national design association American Institute of Graphic Design gives awards for outstanding work at its ceremony called “The Big One.” A few weeks ago, Yuit Communications received awards for 26 different projects we created throughout the year. That’s an astonishing 100% of all projects we entered. We’re thrilled to have such talented artists, writers and account-management professionals on our team, but we couldn’t do it without great subject

All great creative people are a little bit weird. I mean, would you really want to invite Vincent Van Gogh to your family dinner? The guy cut his own ear off. Anyway, point is Yuit has exceptionally creative people on our team, and they go all-out on Halloween. Every October as the leaves turn and zombies awake, Team Yuit dresses up for the spooktacular holiday and takes advantage of our

If you haven’t been out in the woods for the last few months, chances are you’ve seen the social media trend of colorful memes bemoaning coworkers, the state of the world and just people’s moods. They’re the brainchild of a British copywriter who created the first one in 1971 to explain to his young son what a tickle looks like. Yuit’s intern Mazzy Little Miss Magnificent Fritzel and our digital

TV is still the king of advertising, even in this modern era of mobile devices and new media. One of the reasons for that is a TV commercial can straddle both worlds of traditional and new media, being re-purposed in multiple ways across websites, YouTube and social media to reach more people and have a longer life. So, if you’re ready to put your business on prime time and create

The Dale Tran’s New Year’s Day of Giving is a YUIT Comms tradition. We support our community by visiting a Kaladi Brothers Cafe every January 1. Each year, Kaladi Brothers donates 100% of coffee drink sales to a local charity on New Year’s Day. This year the recipient is Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska. The Grief Center provides a supportive environment for children, teens, and those who support