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Our comprehensive approach to communications is unique among Alaska agencies, but all it takes is a look at the makeup of our leadership to understand why we work the way we do.

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Team Yuit is proud to launch the Conquer COVID Coalition! Bringing business, healthcare and Alaska Native organizations together for a common goal - getting Alaskans across the COVID finish line. The Conquer COVID Coalition is made up of Alaskan businesses, healthcare organizations, Alaska Native organizations, community leaders, and everyday Alaskans – working side-by-side to defeat the pandemic. The sooner we come together and achieve this goal, the sooner we can

We are so thrilled about this year's AIGA awards. Our current pandemic situation is helping us appreciate things a bit more - our team, our community, good graphic design, and the big and small wins. We want to extend a sincere CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that won and also a special thank you to our very own Edmar Carrillo for designing the awards and volunteering to further the mission of good

For the last 6 weeks, there have been a lot of AFK (away from keyboard) notes floating around as we all try to balance and juggle this new normal AFK  Kids need lunch. |. AFK – my groceries just arrived!  |. AFK – my pig needs a walk. |. AFK – do I smell something burning?  |. AFK – I need a mental health break But now some of us are beginning

By Grant Johnston, Yuit Partner Since our firm implemented a work-from-home policy two weeks ago, I’ve been impressed with the seamlessness of this transition. We’ve been engaged in rapid response communications for many of our clients as they seek to provide COVID-19 information and updates to their customers and stakeholders. Teamwork and “face time” have actually improved despite the physical separation – perhaps because when we work alone, the importance

It started in our daily morning “traffic” meetings. Account Executive Alexa Dobson would share a unique or unusual word or phrase with the team, explain the definition, and give an example of it being used in a sentence. After a while, we decided to incorporate our clients and social media followers into the fold by posting them each weekday to our Facebook and Instagram Stories. There is a new set

Early this summer Alec Wilber was promoted to the role of Graphics & Motion Design Lead. AJ is an amazing designer and has been doing an excellent job with our motion and digital graphics. In this role, he’ll continue his graphic design work while scaling up video and animation projects for all of our clients. “Working at Yuit has changed my perspective on how an agency could operate; Yuit truly

We invest in our team and are very proud of it! Art Director Edmar Carrillo and Graphics & Motion Design Lead Alec Wilber went to the HOW Design Live Conference in Chicago earlier this year. In addition to catching a Hamilton! showing, Edmar and AJ attended workshops on concepting, client feedback, and developing high quality branding. They brought some great creative ideas back to share with the rest of us!