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Our holistic approach to communications is unique among Alaska agencies, but all it takes is a look at the makeup of our leadership to understand why we work the way we do.

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Anchorage, AK 99503
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Team Yuit

Our peeps.

Genuine teamwork.

That’s the philosophy at the core of everything Yuit does. We’re not just a vendor; we see ourselves as an extension of your organization. A partner in communication. We’ve cut out the layers of process and complex channels of communication that characterizes the traditional agency model. You’ll talk to your account manager regularly – but also your artist, your photographer, and everyone else working on your campaign. We get to know you and your message, and we handle your reputation with as much care as if it were our own.

Your Yuit team is experienced and enthusiastic, open-minded and level-headed. Each of us has a unique set of strengths and skills, and we combine them to deliver the brightest strategy, boldest creative, and the best communication in everything we do.

Meet your Yuit team.

Edmar Carrillo

Art Direction

Edmar believes it takes more than great ideas to create great work; it takes passion, energy, and an investment of time in understanding what the client wants and needs.

Alexa Dobson

Account Management

Alexa takes the lead on digital marketing initiatives, social media, and search engine marketing, and she keeps us on the leading edge of these rapidly-changing marketing.

Tyler Edgar

Strategy & Account Management

Tyler is committed to listening and collaborating with clients to deliver amazing creative and out of the box solutions to campaigns and projects.

Carla Hanley

Account Coordination

Carla goes out of her way to make sure everyone on the team has what they need to succeed.

Nigel Kibodeaux

Development & Programming

Nigel is Yuit’s developer, he specializes in WordPress development. Nigel has years of programming experience and is also skilled in search engine optimization, custom database applications and search engine marketing.

Evan Klinkhart

Office Management

Evan assists in every area of agency life, including following up on production tasks, providing administrative support.

Linda Klinkhart

Account Management

Linda handles our accounts and balances our books – and her gentle personality helps set a welcoming tone in our office!

George Meyer

Art Direction

George is all Alaskan. He brings years of experience, industry knowledge, and award-winning talent to the Yuit Team. His favourite colour is plaid.

Jonathon Taylor

Account Management

Jonathon has a background in politics, government, and strategic and crisis communications. He enjoys working with clients to identify and develop the solutions they need.

Matt Waliszek

Account Management

Matt is an experienced marketer, a creative strategist, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, Matt approaches his work with a combination of ingenuity and energy that makes him a joy to work with.

Alec Wilber

Graphics & Motion Design

``AJ`` has a gift for learning the nuts and bolts of a new product or service, then breathing life into a corresponding creative message through amazing visuals.

Titus in a Blanket

Office Mascot