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The Aleut Corporation

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The Aleut Corporation

We produced a campaign, “Aleut Voices,” featuring shareholders telling their own stories and expressing what it means to them to be Aleut and belong to The Aleut Corporation. The theme was selected to reflect the The Aleut Corporation’s care for its shareholders’ thoughts, ideas and feedback, and to emphasize that the corporation is stronger when individuals share their stories and work together.

Surveys done before and after the launch of “Aleut Voices” indicated that the campaign had a meaningful impact on how shareholders perceive The Aleut Corporation, its role in their lives, and their own importance to the corporation’s leadership.

“Being a part of the Aleut Corporation is inspiring!” one shareholder wrote. “I’m a part of the legacy of our region, respecting our elders and creating a future for our next generation(s).”


The Aleut Corporation


Aleut Voices Campaign