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American Heart Association

Sometimes a campaign has plenty of national resources, slick creative and high production values – and it falls short with the local audience. That’s why the American Heart Association in Alaska sought out Yuit’s assistance to pump some local flavor into its Go Red promotions and increase donations at the state level.

AHA’s Go Red Ambassadors program recruits local survivors to participate in heart disease awareness campaigns. By using recognizable, relatable faces, the campaign aims to make the public aware that heart disease affects people of all ages and genders. The national organization provides excellent creative, but it wasn’t landing with Alaska audiences – a fact that was reflected in the low number of individual local donations.

We worked with the AHA in Anchorage and Fairbanks to personalize and localize a campaign featuring Alaska “Super Survivors.” Starring faces familiar to residents of Anchorage and Fairbanks, “Super Survivors” was designed to bring maximum value to the client by adapting one creative concept to meet promotional needs across print, digital, social, broadcast and in-person channels.

The campaign resulted in an increase in earned media coverage, plus more than 3,000 broadcast TV PSA airings and
750 radio mentions and PSAs. Social media engagement nearly doubled over the previous year, and more importantly, “Super Survivors” had a super impact on the Heart Association’s bottom line. Event attendance increased by 15 percent, sponsorships increased 18 percent, individual giving went up by 5 percent, and contribution goal increases were exceeded.


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