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100 Miles in May

The perfect balance of creativity and strategy

100 Miles in May

Healthy Futures challenges Alaskans to log 100 miles’ worth of activity every May, a longstanding program that sparks friendly rivalries and encourages people to find ways to increase their physical activity. Our goal with this campaign was to create something that would be easily recognizable and generate buzz on social media.

Design focused on the number 100, with easy, scalable, social media-ready graphics that could be easily taken and used by members of the public. We also created over 30 activity icons to show that physical fitness goes far beyond just running.

We knew the campaign was a hit based on the swell of Facebook users who overlaid the “100” graphic on their profile pictures to show their participation in the challenge. Overall, the campaign produced major year-over-year participation improvements, including a 2x increase in business participants, 2x increase in individual participants, and 33% increase in funds raised.


100 Miles in May


Brand and Digital Campaign